Frequently Asked Questions

All of your queries about self storage answered

We understand that storage isn’t something that many people will have considered before, so we’re here to ensure that the process is as simple and as smart as possible. Our help & advice section caters to answer all of your storage questions.

This has been divided into easy to use areas, including Frequently Asked Questions, Storage Shopping Tips, and Storage Tips.

How long is the rental period?

Our minimum term of rental is one month, and it runs from the day you take out the contract, payable each calendar month from that date. We ask for a month or 28 days notice of vacation of your unit.

How much is the rent each month?

This will depend on the location of your unit and the size of your unit. Please visit the Price List page for full details.

When is rent due?

Rent is due each calendar month, on the date of your original rental, or at a convenient date for you, for example the end of the month (we also offer significant discounts for long term rental).

How do I pay my rent?

We offer our customers the option to pay via invoice, standing order, bank transfer, cheque and are currently trialing the use of PayPal.

Do I get a discount if I pay upfront?

We offer significant discounts for long term storage, as shown on our Price List.

What security features does J Simpson Storage have?

We either provide monitored CCTV, locked compounds and security services or we have on site personnel 24 hours of the day.

How can J Simpson Storage help me?

We have been offering self-storage for nearly twenty years and from our accumulated experience are able to assist you with all areas of storage that you may require advice in. We offer no obligation advice and site visits and can also recommend other services that you may need, such as Removals Companies, packaging supplies and caravan storage.

How often can I visit my unit?

You can come every day, 365 days of the year during opening hours (and at other times if you let us know).

How do I know what size unit I will need?

Possibly the best way to decide would be to come for a site visit, or speak to John on 07834349021, visit our Space Calculator to get an idea.

How can I reserve a unit?

Please contact us to reserve a unit.

Storage Unit Advice: Prepare Your Area

Before showing up at the storage facility, there are some preliminary steps you can take to make the process easier. While your belongings are in the storage unit, you want them to stay in good condition.

As you move your belongings into the unit, you want to make sure your boxes are stacked in a manner so they won’t break, all your items fit in your unit without overstuffing and that your unit is secure with a lock. Our storage unit advice for people relocating or moving in Darlington, Richmond or Barnard Castle can help you avoid damage, save time and protect your belongings.

Insure your property. 

The property you place inside your storage space is your responsibility. Before you move into your storage unit, contact your insurance agent or ask the location manager to provide you with information about companies that can provide insurance coverage for your property.